Why You Should Use a Virtuoso Travel Agent To Book Hotels

Virtuoso Travel is the best travel program available today. Booking with a Virtuoso travel agent such as Clements Travel allows you to save hundreds of dollars when booking a luxury hotel.

There is a lot of information all over the internet on how this program works.  As we are all about making everything clear and easy to understand we have created this one-page guide about all things Virtuoso:

  • What is Virtuoso Travel
  • What the benefits are
  • How to book

Clements Travel has been a trusted Virtuoso Travel advisor for the last four years and would be more than happy to help you with your next hotel booking

What are the virtuoso travel benefits?

The most common Virtuoso benefits are:

  • Preferred rates and availability
  • Room upgrades (if available)
  • Breakfast daily for two
  • Dining, resort, or hotel credits (usually $100USD)
  • Early check-in and late checkout (if available)
  • Exclusive amenities and experiences

Some Virtuoso hotels might swap the benefits around. Instead of the hotel credit, they might include a 3-course lunch at their restaurant. Other hotels might also include a bottle of local wine delivered to your room.

As benefits vary get in touch with us for the exact benefits of the hotel that you are interested in.

How does Virtuoso travel work in 2022?

There are over 2000 hotels and resorts that make up the Virtuoso network and around 20,000 Virtuoso members (such as Clements Travel)

In order to book a hotel that is part of the Virtuoso program, you need to make a reservation with a Virtuoso travel agency (such as Clements Travel).

Booking a hotel is just as easy as when you book it online.

Let’s put Virtuoso benefits in context with a working example:

For the purpose of this exercise, let’s take the Shelbourne Hotel, a historic, 5-star hotel in Dublin, Ireland.

Here we will explain the difference between booking on the hotel website vs Expedia vs Clements Travel (a Virtuoso agent):

Hotel: Shelbourne Hotel – 30th of June 2023 For One Night – King Bed Guest Room

Hotel Direct Expedia Virtuoso
Hotel Total Cost 699EUR 699EUR 699EUR
Breakfast Included No No, 30EUR per person at hotel Yes, full breakfast
Loyalty Points Yes Yes Yes
How To Book Online or phone Online Email or phone
How To Pay At the hotel Pay Expedia At the hotel, on arrival
Benefits No benefits No benefits
  • Upgrade on arrival, subject to availability
  • Complimentary Daily Buffet Breakfast for two guests per bedroom, served in restaurant
  • Complimentary lunch or dinner for two people/room, once during stay, excluding alcohol, taxes and gratuities
  • Early check-in/ late check out, subject to availability
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi


As you can see from the real world example above that Virtuoso travel is worth it when making your next hotel booking.

Does it cost to make a Virtuoso hotel booking?

If you make a Virtuoso booking with Clements Travel we will not charge any sort of fee to book or cancel a hotel. In fact, we don’t take any money off you – payment is made at the hotel when you arrive.

In saying this, many Virtuoso travel agents do charge a fee of up to $70USD to make a booking and around $50USD to cancel a booking. They are perfectly entitled to do this but as per the above, this is not something that Clements Travel does since we get a commission from the hotel for the reservation.

Isn’t it easier for me just to book online, all my details are saved to the hotel booking site and it takes minutes

This is a valid point.

The first obvious here is by booking online you won’t get hundreds of dollars worth of Virtuoso benefits.

Bookings with Clements Travel don’t take long at all and once we have your details the reservation only takes a few minutes to make. We save your details in our system so you never have to repeat them again which makes your next bookings effortless.

One more thing to consider, many hotel booking websites can be impossible to get through on the phone and when you do get through you are speaking to a call center. Booking with Clements Travel means that we will pick up the phone or answer your email as fast as possible and take responsibility for your request or question. The person who made your booking is usually the one dealing with your query.

Hotel loyalty points and Virtuoso

Many people ask if they still get hotel loyalty points when booking a Virtuoso Travel Hotel. The answer is yes, you will still get hotel loyalty points.

Virtuoso Travel Week

Virtuoso Travel Week is an event for hotels and member travel agents that takes place in Las Vegas each August. This allows us to keep our product knowledge up to date. This allows us to better service our clients.

We cannot wait for Virtuoso Travel Week 2023!

Worry-Free Planning – Virtuoso Travel Reviews

Many of us have seen reviews for a hotel on Google or Trip Advisor saying that a hotel is great, then you arrive, and it is not as expected.

All 2000+ Virtuoso hotels are personally vetted to ensure the highest quality.

This gives you more peace of mind that the hotel that you will have a hassle free stay at the hotel you have chosen plus you are dealing with a qualified travel agent.

There are so many hotels to choose from – how do I pick the one that suits me?

As a Virtuoso-affiliated travel advisor, Clements Travel has the experience and knowledge to match the right hotel to your needs.

On top of this, to make things easier each Virtuoso Hotel is categorized into one or more of the following:

  • Virtuoso Ultraluxe Travel
  • Virtuoso Family Travel
  • Virtuoso Luxury Travel
  • Virtuoso Adventure Travel
  • Virtuoso Wellness Travel
How to make a Virtuoso Hotel booking with Clements Travel?

Making a Virtuoso hotel booking with Clements Travel is super easy. Simply get in touch with us on the contact page

Ready to go?

Take advantage to these benefits on your next trip.

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